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3 Reasons To Give Yoga A Go 

By Shpresa Cakaj November 25, 2019 0 comments

Our topic this week is Yoga, it’s a historical practice that syncs the body and mind. Yoga is practiced to increase relaxation & reduce stress through meditation, poses and breathing exercises. Here are 3 reasons to get on your Capri Leggings and begin stretching. 

Reduce stress and Anxiety

It’s no hoax that practicing yoga reduces the stress and anxiety levels, yoga encourages the significance of being present. This is one of the tools that people experience and low mood are encouraged to do for recovery is being more mindful. Yoga consists of reminders to be in the present, which is therapeutic for people.

Improve Sleep Quality

The health issues associated with poor sleep are weight-related issues, chronic pains, and high blood pressure. Adding yoga into your routine can help promote better sleep. The combination of physical stretches & breathing is commonly known from many Health Blogs & Fitness Blogs to improve sleep.  From your Patterned leggings to your cozy PJs. 

Reduce Chronic Pain

Many people suffer from chronic pain which can be caused by injuries, arthritis and many other health-related causes. The last thing you want to do when in pain is slipping into your gym wear. Studies show that yoga can reduce chronic pains, the practice can strengthen muscles not commonly used, as well as stretching weakens joints and muscles. 


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