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Festive Feasting Tips

By Shpresa Cakaj December 09, 2019 0 comments

‘Tis the season to be jolly’, with all the festive parties and celebrations. All the chocolates, treats and feasts it can be hard to stay on track of your food choices. A few habits that can be adjusted that can keep you in shape till the new year.  This Monday’s Motivation is focused on adjusted the habits to keep the festive feasts from ruining your health goals. 

Portion Patrol 

During the celebrations, the portions can get bigger especially when you are not serving the food. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is unhealthy, but even the foods with high-fat content such as nuts, cheese, and avocadoes can begin to add up with regards to the calories.  Things that contain more fat than others, keeping the portions small will help prevent weight gain. 

Missing breakfast

It’s a common habit to skip breakfast when you’re in a rush or busy, even waking up later in the day. Skipping breakfast can lead to increased hunger as the day progresses, leading to overindulging in the evening on the less healthy options. Health blogs agree that a hearty & healthy breakfast can increase your metabolism and give a slow release of energy. 


Keeping Physically Fit

With the diaries getting busier, and the parties are more frequent it becomes challenging to find time in your schedule to get physically fit.  Exercise can help burn calories the more you do, the better the chances are that you will achieve your fitness goals. Get into your Full-Length Leggings and begin your workouts with our Training Wardrobe, click here to discover a variety of personal and gift ideas.

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